Make Your Holiday Outfit

As friends in the creative field we love to share ideas and learn from each others crafts. Our passion for making drives everything we do and there’s nothing we love more than seeing other people enjoying making their own clothes and shoes too. We wanted to join together (for the second time) to encourage you to THINK BIG and create your own holiday outfit, complete with timeless clothes, handmade sandals and beautiful swimwear.


In this small collective we have Ollie & Lucy of Ottowin, who make incredible shoes and run a independent shop in Bristol. We have Lydia from Made My Wardrobe, master of swimwear, stretchy essentials, sustainable fabrics and workshops, also based in Bristol. And we have Hetty from Modern Sewing Co. who designs timeless and stylish patterns for the modern wardrobe from her studio in Hackney, London. All of these skills combined gives us the perfect recipe for a beautiful, handmade and entirely unique holiday wardrobe.


So how does it work? We’ve made it super easy for you to pick and choose exactly what you’d like to make. Whether you want to make all of it or just one thing, we encourage you to dive in and explore a new skill.


To build your holiday wardrobe we recommend selecting in the following order:

  1. Head over to Ottowin for the online sandal making course

This online workshop comes with all of the materials and tools that you need to create your very own sandals from home. Simply choose your favourite colour of leather and get started. (No previous experience is needed.)

10% off - Make Your Own Sandals at Home

2. Next, choose your favourite 3 clothing patterns from Modern Sewing Co.

You can build your own outfit by selecting your 3 favourite pdf patterns. Choose from a range of classic shirts, timeless trousers and worker wear style jackets. Each pdf pattern comes with detailed instructions and online workshops are also available for in depth sewing guidance.

10% off - all PDF Patterns & Online Workshops

3. Finally select your swimwear and fabrics from Made My Wardrobe

Choose your fabrics from a beautiful range of recycled linens and lycra. These fabrics are amazingly all made from waste materials - post consumer waste for the linen and ocean waste for the swimwear. We think this is pretty incredible. Finally, select your swimsuit pattern and you’re ready to go!

10% off - Recycled Linen, Recycled Nylon and Swimwear Kits.