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@zuzstories | Over Shirt
It's 'Me Made May'! I've been loving seeing lots of lovely makes and outfits posted on instagram.
For anyone who isn't in the loop, 'Me Made May' is a celebration of clothes that you've made yourself. The challenge is to post a picture each day of a homemade outfit/piece of clothing.
It's routed in one of the best things about instagram in my opinion - a genuine community of makers who find joy in making and wearing their own clothes, spreading inspiration, honest feedback and tips. ⁣
Most of you will already know this but for those who don't, you can find a variety of sewing ideas by searching #memademay in instagram.
In more news this week, I'm back from holiday and feeling refreshed and ready to get stuck back in! I enjoyed 10 days in Greece with family and I think I'm about 50% feta by now.
On Sunday I'll be sending a 'long read' on breezy and comfortable pieces to make for your summer holidays... or winter holidays for those the other side of world! So keep an eye out for that.
Until then, happy sewing & have a lovely week.
@zuzstories | Over Shirt
Made from a tablecloth... love it!
@goldilocksandthewildones | Worker Trousers
@goldilocksandthewildones | Worker Trousers
@futterstoff | Worker Trousers
Workers with an added back yoke, amazing hack idea.
@beccalgood | Over Shirt
@beccalgood | Worker Trousers
It's the first day back in the studio and I'm wearing my Frida and Daphne combo! These are both trusty garments that are part of my weekly rotation.