The Perfect Two-Piece
Lisa's Two-Piece
Every month I send out a selection of lovely makes in the form of our Monthly Inspiration Board. I was going to include Lisa's makes in January's board but there were too many photos to choose from so I thought this outfit deserved an email of its own.
Lisa ( used our Over Shirt and Daphne Trouser patterns to create a matching two-piece in charcoal denim with a contrast thread. I love how neat her stitching is and I think it really brings a level of professionalism to the whole look.
I hope you love her outfit as much as I do. Have a scroll for close up photos and my tips on using a contrast stitch.
Hetty x
Over Shirt
Tips for contrast thread:
If you're keen to play with a contrast topstitch but you're unsure how neat you can get it I have a couple of tips:
Use your pins in a horizontal direction so that your machine can sew directly over each pin. You can use lots of them to keep the fabric exactly where it needs to be which will take a load off your mind when you're trying to get a straight line of stitching.
If you pause for any reason make sure you pause with your needle DOWN. That way when you restart you're already in the right place.
Take it really reeeaaallllyyyyy slowly. This one is a little obvious but the slower you go the neater it will be. And stitching slowly is more time efficient than having to unpick and redo.
Use chalk to delicately draw your stitch line, especially if it's decorative like the patch pocket stitching at the end of this email. Make sure your chalk is super sharp to get an accurate line to follow.
Daphne Trousers