The Men's Worker Trousers

Drumroll please…..
The Men's Worker Trousers are here!!
I’m very happy to launch the men's version of our best selling pattern! This one has been on the list for quite a while so it feels really good to finally reach 'launch day'.
I wanted to add this pattern to create a full menswear outfit which includes the Unisex Shirt, Jaime Jacket and Worker Trouser. These pieces compliment each other really well to create complete outfit of elevated casuals. They are cut to suit a male body but ultimately have a unisex feel to them.
I wanted to keep the essence of the 'Worker Trouser' as we know it - classic, casual, cool and comfy. When working on this new fit I focussed on altering the shape around the crotch and hips, reducing the curves of the women's fit and elongating the rise. I kept the same volume throughout the leg for the subtle balloon silhouette and the pockets and fly options echo the women's version.
The only small change I made was to the belt loops. They're a little wider and I've added a double loop at the back. I wanted to give this pattern a small special feature of its own and the belt loops have done that.
I'm super happy with the fit and I'm really excited to see pairs of these out in the wild. I love the days my partner wears one of his pairs; I'm bias but I think there's no better outfit than one that starts with a pair of Workers. It makes me happy to wear myself and ever happier to see other people wearing them.
I can honestly say that Worker Trouser has been the most significant pattern of my career so far. It was a staple of my previous business, it has been vital in helping me build this business and it's reached so many incredible home sewers all over the world. 
It's so nice to see it in a men's version and I'm really excited for the next chapter of the trusty Workers.
I have so much to share in this email that I'll keep this intro short. I plan to re-visit 'Menswear Month' with a little round up next weekend as there's a lot to talk about. For now, enjoy the rest of this email:
Keep scrolling for:
- The photo gallery
- The brand new step-by-step photo guides for both the zip & button flys (I'll talk more about this next weekend but enjoy the guides until then)
- And a cheeky launch offer..!
- The link to buy the new pattern!
Have a great weekend,
Button Fly Guide
We've been busy working on picture guides for the fly construction techniques! I know this is the part of the making process that is the most tricky so these photo guides are here to help.
Zip Fly Guide
The step-by-step picture guide for sewing the zip fly with binding finishing.