The 6 Month Capsule Course

Are you ready to sew your own capsule?
I introduced the idea for the 6 Month Capsule Course before Christmas and it seems a lot of you were excited by it. The concept is to share a guided journey of 6 projects over 6 months to finish with a beautifully made capsule wardrobe of your own.
A year ago I was finding that I was really missing the ‘fashion’ element to my work; designing a collection of clothes that go together in design, cut, colour and texture. It is a specific creative outlet that I crave and I find it’s somewhat missing in the home sewing world. I wanted to bring that side of working back into my job and so over the past year I have created 2 of my own mini capsules, one for summer and one for winter. In doing so I found a formula that I think is totally relevant for anyone who sews their own clothes.
There were predictable benefits to sewing in this way but also some unforeseen perks. To summarise the process: 
> I chose 6 pieces to work together as a mini capsule. I thought carefully about what was missing in my wardrobe and what I wanted to wear that season and then chose patterns that fit the purpose. 
> These pieces were interchangeable to create multiple different outfits which meant that all of the garments were immediately more useful and wearable. I could pack all 6 pieces in a suitcase for a weekend away and not need much else. 
> It felt more sustainable for my wardrobe as it forced me to properly consider the missing gaps rather than always been drawn to things that are nice to look at but don’t go with anything. 
> Curating the fabrics and designs as a capsule gave me a greater sense of creativity which I really wanted. 
> The process of choosing fabrics in one go helped me to use up fabrics sitting in my stash. When old fabrics are paired with new options it breathes new life into them.
> Knowing what my next project was actually saved a lot of time faffing in-between and having a clear plan to follow was really satisfying.
> It gave me a clear goal to work towards and the sense of achievement when completing it was amazing.
> The result has been 2 mini capsules with pieces that I wear ALL the time. It’s safe to say they fulfilled their intended purpose.
This experience gave me the idea to lead a 6 Month Capsule Course by setting one project each month. The course is suitable for anyone, from total beginner to seasoned sewer and it’s the perfect challenge for the new year.
The most exciting this for me about leading this course is the group element. I’m SO excited to have a group of people from all over the world working towards a big creative goal together. We’ll be sharing inspiration, pictures and ideas together and keeping each other motivated and on track to create (perhaps) our very first capsule collections.

All of the course details are on the product page which you can find at the bottom of the email. I want to be clear about the options as this is super important. There are 3 options depending on your skill level and what patterns and workshops you’ve previously bought.


1. Full Course (Workshops & Patterns)  

The ‘Full Course’ is highly recommended as it includes the workshops. If you’re committing to doing a 6 month project it’s SO important you have the proper guidance to make your pieces to a high quality. The goal of this journey is to make really long lasting, robust, beautiful clothes and the workshops will help you achieve exactly this.

2. Patterns Only 

The ‘Patterns Only’ option is recommended for those who can already sew to a high standard.

3. Course Only

The ‘Course Only’ option is for those who already own the majority of the workshops and patterns but would like to partake in the course. These makers will get the same access to the course as everyone else but without the patterns and workshops.



The course is now live and you will be able to enrol until 31st January. We’ll be using January as a warm up month and the course will officially start on 1st February. Projects will be set monthly via email and you can complete them at home in your own time.


Please let me know if you have any questions and happy sewing into 2024!