Swimming in Cobalt

This week I'm swimming in a sea of cobalt...

After seeing Timothée Chalamet in a full cobalt suit I thought WOW, there is something to be said about choosing a brilliant colour and going all the way with it.

(Those who have been keeping count will notice he's featured in 3 recent emails... I promise I'll stop now).

I collected a few other great outfits and pieces in this punchy, bold colour. And if you weren't already aware, the blue twill shown above is actually available to buy in our fabric sale (which ends on Thursday at midnight!).

If you've ever experienced rush hour in London, or any other major city, you'll be familiar with trying to navigate through a sea of black coats and navy suits. Imagine a pop of daring colour in amongst this... that brings a smile to my face.

H x

You might have spotted this look on a recent inspiration board but I had to include it again as it's so punchy. The double blue combo with the scarf is fantastic.
Susie's lovely blue quilted waistcoat.
And lastly, one of my own makes. A new jumpsuit cut that I'm working on to release soon!