Our Big Patterns Update!

Our Big Patterns Update!
P.S.... it's a long and wordy one.
You might have seen on instagram that this week marks TWO YEARS of the Modern Sewing Co.!
The past 2 years I've been settling into a new rhythm of running a very different business to what I was used to. I transitioned from running a traditional fashion brand to the world of home sewing and while there are some similarities to my daily work, it feels like I’m part of a totally different community with its own very unique DNA.
I’ve found the home sewing world to be an incredibly passionate, kind and supportive place to be. It’s filled with people who love their hobby and are filled with excitement about the things they create. It has been so rewarding to hear from customers all over the world who are making clothes from my patterns. It’s only since the pandemic that I’ve stumbled into this community and I’m so very grateful that I did.
I think there's a solid place in the future of fashion for home sewing, one that is maybe larger and more normalised than it currently is. We all know the planet can't sustain endless consumption and I think sewing your own clothes is such a positive solution to the environmental crisis in fashion. It's also a place to be away from the screen, away from modern life, to sit and be creative, work with your hands and quietly piece something together. I don't think there are enough outlets for creativity or opportunities to sit in silence in daily life. Sewing your own clothes gives space for both of these things as well as beautiful new garments for your wardrobe.
I’m still finding my feet with this business and this update (more info below) is a big step in moving forward. It might not seem like a huge change but internally it means we have solid ground to build on. The past two years have given me the footing that I need to think about ways to develop this business and move forward which is an exciting place to be.
The Updates:
SO. Enough waffling. What are these updates? 
Since early March I've been working to update our entire range of PDF Patterns to make them as easy as possible to use. The instructions have been totally re-designed and re-considered to make sure they're the best possible standard I can offer.
As I'm a one-woman-business this has been a huge undertaking and has taken up the majority of my time over the past 4 months.
The reason behind this major patterns update is to make sure you have the best possible experience sewing your Modern Sewing Co. garment. I want the process of sewing as easy, enjoyable and inspiring as possible and so a large revamp was needed. 
Without further ado the pattern updates include:
- All patterns now have pdf layers so you can select which sizes you want to see
- The instructions are now totally printable in black & white
- I've re-formatted the instructions to make them more printer efficient and will use about 30% less paper
- Working with a big cohort of pattern testers I've listened to feedback and updated the instructions to make them more detailed and easier to follow. This particularly includes construction details such as plackets, waistbands, trouser flys, and binding finishings
- All of the sizes are now available in the same download (whereas previously they were split by size categories)
- All pattern downloads come with a new document called 'Using Our Patterns' which has extra information and guidance.
- Lay plans and pattern pieces are now all numbered in more detail to save you time 
- I worked hard with my pattern testers to proof read and correct any small errors or typos. If you do spot one it has escaped many pairs of eyes so please let me know!
Please note I haven't changed the actual pattern pieces or shape of the garments except for the Potters Jacket. On this piece I adjusted the pattern to add separate hem facings as I found a few people were finding the previous method confusing. If you have already bought this pattern and want to make it again you might like to consider re-printing it. 
How to access these updates:
Whether you're an existing customer or a new one you'll be able to find your pattern downloads in your account page online.
This is a nerdy but exciting change because the most up to date version of the pattern will always be in your account. You'll also be notified whenever there is a new update available.
To download your PDFs online:
- Log into your account (if you went through checkout as a guest simply create an account using the same email address used in your order)
- Click on the 'head' icon in the top right corner
- Find your PDF downloads under the 'My Patterns' column
TO BE CLEAR - if you have purchased a pattern in the past this is how you can access the new updates. This applies for workshop purchases too.
A preview of what has changed...