My Winter Capsule: Reflections

The weekend long read. 

Over the past 3 months I’ve been working on a winter capsule following from my previous summer capsule earlier in the year. I introduced the idea back in April as a way to bring more intention and creativity to my sewing. I wanted to try make sure my sewing projects were more wearable and useful and there have been two main ways I’ve found to achieve this.

Firstly by looking at my wardrobe and identifying the gaps so I’m making something that’s actually useful rather than something that's just nice. And also by sitting down with fabrics to curate pieces that go well together in colour, texture and fit. If you find this idea interesting you can catch up on my previous collection round-up where I shared my thoughts on the process.

Capsule Reflections

My experience of making the summer capsule was uninterrupted by other projects and so it felt like a solid body of work. The making of this winter capsule hasn’t had the same flow as I’ve had a few pattern releases and other work to fit around it. I felt I had lost sight of the project until I photographed it as a collection this week. It was really nice to pull it back together (even though I’ve been wearing the pieces for weeks already).

I think approaching your sewing as mini capsules is a really productive and fulfilling way to sew. It might seem like an ambitious task if you’re a beginner or someone who sews sporadically so I’ll be talking about this much more over the coming weeks. I have a launch coming up to help tackle the doubts so stay tuned for more info!

Below is the full round up of this capsule (minus the corduroy trousers which are a sample of a new cut I'm working on). You can click on the linked blog posts for full details on how I made each garment.

I hope it's useful in some way and as always you can hit reply if you have a question or comment!





Sunday Trackies

The silky version 

This hacked pair of Sunday Trackies was the first piece I made for my winter capsule. I made quite a few changes to the pattern including adding welt pockets to the back and patch pockets to the front. I made a slight error with the sizing as a result of being on auto-pilot which you can read about via the blog below (so you can avoid making the same mistake)!

Boatneck Top

A new release...

I made two boatneck tops to launch this new pattern and they have been amazing additions to my capsule. I've worn them endlessly under jumpers all winter. They're extremely useful and being one of our easiest patterns it's a great project for beginners.

Classic Shirt

With a jet pocket

I love making shirts especially with stripey fabrics so it's safe to say I loved making this piece. I added a jet pocket as a hacked detail which you can find as a step-by-step guide on the blog.

The Darcy Coat

With a gusset pocket

This is 100% my favourite make of 2023. I absolutely love wearing it and it feels like the kind of quality piece I'll be wearing for years and years. I made a few changes such as the pocket and the length which you can find detailed in the blog.