Holiday Hack | The Spring Trousers

The Spring Trouser Hack (and some post holiday blues...)
Getting back from a month away is no joke! But I'm not here to scoop up any sympathy as I doubt I'll find any. Despite the holiday blues I'm feeling refreshed and raring to go with new ideas bubbling away.
To allow me to luxuriate in my holiday a while longer I thought I'd share a short and sweet pattern hack with you. I made these simple trousers the day before I left and I wore them every single day. They were so useful in the hot weather for feeling breezy, comfy and protecting from the mozzies. 
I hope it's a useful hack idea for some of you. Feel free to shoot me any questions and keep an eye out for February's Inspiration Board in a few days!
Hetty x
1. Fabric
The base pattern for this hack is the Spring Trouser and I chose a really light weight cotton fabric that I bought in India on a sourcing trip years ago. It's naturally dyed which gives it this lovely shade. It's a little sheer but fine for a casual pair of trousers.
2. Remove Front Pockets
I removed the front pockets for this hack as the fabric is so light it wouldn't be strong enough for pockets. I layed the Lower Pocket Bag over the Front Leg to cover up the gap for the pocket bag and pinned it into place.
3. Add to the Rise
I wanted to create a much narrower waistband for this piece instead of using the very wide waistband that comes with the pattern. I added 4cm height to the rise from the top of the waist and I did this by simply chalking on a new line to the top of the trouser leg using a ruler.
4. The Waistband
I made a straight waistband by cutting a long straight strip 6cm wide. I added small button holes for the drawstring to go through and a very thin elastic.
The Spring Trouser pattern also came in my suitcase in the form of a rather creased pair of shorts too..!