Genius Hacks

@raemunda.leigh | DaphneTrousers
This week we have our 'hacks' edition. As I was collating images I spotted a similarity between all of them - each maker had added their own unique design twist to their garments.
I absolutely love to see genius hack ideas and it often gives me ideas for my own sewing. It's so nice to build up snippets of ideas and then create a piece of clothing with your own unique stamp on it. Whether it's a pin tuck, a frill collar or drafting a whole new pattern, it's satisfying to make from your imagination.
In other news, it felt great to get our big pattern release out there on Friday and thank you for the great response! I've been relaxing with family over Easter weekend and now it's back to London to crack on with more new designs...
@raemunda.leigh | DaphneTrousers
@wide_eyed_makes | Worker Trousers
Workers with a pin tuck!
@betgov | Classic Shirt
The Classic Shirt with a ruffle collar - I'm keen to try this one myself! | Classic Shirt
Nisan created a completely new pattern using the Classic Shirt as a base for the body and sleeves and then drafting on a new collar with lapels. Such a brilliant piece!
This is one of my own makes, a hacked Potters Jacket. For this piece I lengthened the jacket by 12cm and widened it by 2cm on each side seam (8cm full body).
I also drafted new pockets. Head to our saved highlights on instagram for more visuals on this hack & click here to download these pocket patterns.