Jersey Month

It’s month 3, I can’t quite believe it!
Jersey Month is sandwiched between Over Shirt and Trouser months to give everyone a breather between two challenging projects.
To re-cap on the patterns you can choose from for Jersey Month, we have the Rib Sweater, Boatneck Top or Sunday Trackies.
If you haven’t sewn with jersey before there are a couple of things to note. It’s very easy and doable to sew with jersey on a domestic sewing machine. And it’s a very forgiving fabric to work with due to its stretchy nature. 
I think sewing with jersey can seem a bit daunting but it really needn't be. To make it as easy as possible we’ve put together a photo step-by-step guide to help you get on your feet (more on this at the end of the email).
With that I hope you enjoy this slight 'breather' month! And if you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out, either on the forum or directly to me.



I decided on a very neutral colour for this garment to ensure I could wear it with as many outfits as possible. I have a couple of other Rib Sweaters in very punchy colours and they're so lovely to wear but more challenging to pair with my colourful trousers and jackets.

For this piece I chose a two-tone grey and a matching chunky rib. Having finished the piece I'm really please with the colour choice and I think I will get a huge amount of wear out of this sweater.

I bought both of these fabrics from Raystitch. I really like the quality of both fabrics and they have a brilliant range of colours to choose from.


I opted for a size 12 with no modifications.



This photo shows the sweater before the final pressing.

And here it is after the final pressing to demonstrate how much ironing can help a jersey piece to look professional.

I love how the first 3 pieces of my capsule look together!

The colours & fabrics are giving a very classic vibe with cool tones.


Sewing with Jersey

Extra guidance & tips

If you're new to sewing with jersey the photo guide is for you. 

Please also refer to the 'Using Our Patterns' document that comes with each PDF pattern. You'll find two pages of notes on sewing with jersey to help guide you.

Sewing with Jersey Guide