Workshop Notes - Wardrobe Workshop

What you'll learn:

This workshop will take beginner and intermediate sewers through the process of creating their own capsule wardrobe from start to finish. 

The key to long lasting garments is a high quality of make and this workshop series will give you in depth and detailed guidance for a professional finish. You'll learn a huge array of construction techniques and each step will be explained thoroughly with no stone left unturned.

The Series:

1. Cara Top - Starting with this beginners piece you'll get to grips with the basics and will be introduced to detailed sewing techniques at an achievable level. (Available in sizes 4 - 28)

2. Frida Shirt - Next we'll build things up to introduce more making elements to a paired back blouse with sleeves. (Available in sizes 6 - 28)

3. Over Shirt - Your introduction into shirt making will take things to the next level and you'll be able to sew a full shirt with proper tailoring techniques. It might sound big but it's 100% achievable when broken down into a simple step-by-step guide. (Available in sizes 6 - 28)

4. Daphne Trousers - Moving on to trousers, you'll learn how to sew a zip fly with additional binding detailing to give a high quality finish. Fiddly but very satisfying. (Available in sizes 4 - 28)

5. Worker Trousers - And finally you'll master the Worker Trouser with the concealed button fly, front pockets, binding details and waistband with belt loops. The creme de la creme. (Available in sizes 4 - 28)