Workshop Notes - Shirt Making

Sewing process:

We recommend completing the series in the following order:

1. Over Shirt Workshop (pre-recorded tutorial)

2. Unisex Shirt (PDF instructions). This is an identical making process to the Over Shirt.

3. Classic Shirt (PDF instructions). This making process is slightly different as it features a curved hem and french seams however the main principles of shirt making remain the same.

Over Shirt Workshop:

The workshop will take you through at a steady pace and included built in chapters to break down the project into bitesize stages. You will learn how to sew with precision, using run & fell seams, sewing complicated plackets & cuff openings, classic collar construction and plenty of detailed top stitching.


  1. Preparing Your Pieces
  2. Stitching the Fronts
  3. Stitching the Back Yoke
  4. Side Seams - Run & Fell
  5. Placket Construction
  6. Sleeve Seams - Run & Fell
  7. Sewing the Cuffs
  8. Inserting the Sleeves
  9. Collar & Collar Stand
  10. Finishing the Hem
  11. Buttons & Button Holes

Click here for make notes, sizing & materials lists for each shirt.