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Our online workshops will build your skills & confidence to help you sew high quality clothing.

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Build Your skillset

Our online workshops will give you detailed tips and tricks for how to take your sewing to a really great standard. The classes will guide you through piecing together your chosen garment and will give you the knowledge and confidence to to sew with more precision and accuracy. 

Our ultimate emphasis is on achieving professional finishing techniques from the kitchen table. You’ll be shown in slow, clear detail the exact techniques that are used on luxury garments to create robust, beautifully finished pieces. This is crucial to building your own home sewn wardrobe that will last for many years. Whether you’re a beginner or a confident intermediate sewer, there is a workshop suitable for your skills.

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worker trousers


I am so pleased that I made some time for myself and invested in the capsule wardrobe workshop. Not only was it enjoyable but I learned so many nifty tricks and grew in confidence and I wear one of the three items at least once a week, the overshirt even more! I can’t wait to make more trousers and shirts 💗


I have really enjoyed the Worker Trouser workshop. The video was so simple to follow, bringing to life the instructions, and the garment has so many beautiful and new-to-me finishes. I can already feel how much my confidence has grown since starting the workshop. Excited to make more pairs in the future!


Sewing my own clothes is a new thing for me, and this workshop has provided me with so many valuable skills as a beginner sewer. Hetty goes into minute detail, offering hints and tips throughout, things that I just would never have learnt otherwise. The Frida pattern is so beautiful, perfect for beginners like me wanting to learn some neat techniques and push myself. Having the guided videos to refer back to over and over again makes these workshops such good value – I’ll be making many more Frida shirts, I might even try a hack or two!


I have grown and grown in confidence since doing the online courses.  They helped me really learn the detail of some foundational skills by watching, listening and practicing. And now I am able to add in my own personal touches which I love. 
When I follow other patterns it makes me realise how much more you get from doing the online courses with Hetty. More professional finish - more precise sewing - more pleasure from the finished garment! 


I can't recommend the workshop enough. As a self taught sewer, the overshirt workshop was exactly what I was looking for to introduce me to more complicated garment construction. I was not confident enough to make a jacket or shirt with paper instructions alone. The comprehensive video made the sewing experience relaxing and easy, and gave me lots of new skills and techniques. I made my overshirt remarkably quickly, and I am so pleased with the result. The pattern itself is quite versatile, and as well as my heavier weight jacket I'm planning to make lighter weight summer shirts from this workshop too.


I throughly enjoyed the workshop - it felt really productive and gave me a creative boost. I certainly learnt techniques and skills I didn’t know before and provided me with ideas for future sewing projects.