Workshop Notes - Frida Shirt

What you'll learn:

The workshop will take you through at a steady pace and included built in chapters to break down the project into bitesize stages. You will learn how to sew with more precision, using french seams, applying flat binding and easing in sleeve heads. The course will encourage you to sew with close attention to detail, often using millimetres instead of centimetres as guidelines to encourage aiming for precision. This is a great starting point on the journey to sewing more high quality pieces for your wardrobe.


  1. Preparing Your Pieces
  2. Front Button Stands & Pocket
  3. Sewing the Back Yoke
  4. Shoulder Seams
  5. Side Seams: French Seams
  6. Sleeve Seams: French Seams
  7. Inserting the Sleeves
  8. Pressing & Sewing the Hem
  9. Finishing the Neckline: Flat Binding
  10. Buttons & Button Holes