Make Notes - French Smock

Construction techniques: Front button placket, optional zip fastening (for more experienced makers), full sleeve with cuff and plackets, flat binding, run & fell seams and topstitching details.

Suitable fabrics: Linen, poplin, lawn, lightweight denim and twill for a 'blouse' version. For a heavier 'outdoor layer' version you can use corduroy, denim, wool suit or a lightweight wool felt. 

Fabric requirements: Our lay-plans are always done on a single layer of fabric to reduce wastage. 

Fabric width 150cm | Sizes 4 - 16 = 150cm | Sizes 18 - 28 = 180cm

Fabric width 110cm | Sizes 4 - 16 = 200cm | Sizes 18 - 28 = 245cm

Materials list: Self fabric, 5 x buttons (around 1.5/2.5cm) or 2 x buttons (around 1.5/2cm) and a 16-18cm zip, thread in a colour of your choice and about 40cm of good quality fusing

Pages to print: Instructions - 26, A4/US Letter - 41, A0 - 2