September Inspiration Board

@kamijanderson | Over Shirt
I love sharing these monthly inspiration boards and I get a lot of feedback that you like seeing them too. I've unfortunately hit a roadblock as Instagram have changed the way you can search for pictures using hashtags.
I can no longer see the pictures in order of the most recent posts which makes finding the monthly makes very very very time consuming.
I shared this on my stories this week and some of you had some great suggestions. They included asking you to directly tag me in the photo (not just the comments section) and to make a monthly hashtag.
I would like to trial both of these options. So.... if you'd like to share your photos so I can easily find them, please do one of the following:
1. Tag me directly in the photo (not just the comments)
2. Use the hashtag #MS followed by the month. So for this month it will be #MSoctober
I'll keep an eye on both of these over the next couple of months and hopefully I can continue with the Monthly Inspiration Board!
@rjuparjupa | Belle Shirt in collaboration with Peppermint Magazine 
@happy_when_sewing | Potters Jacket (following the hack instructions saved in my story highlights)
@rjuparjupa | Worker Trousers
@sew.very.slowly | Worker Trousers
@sewimpatient | Belle Shirt in collaboration with Peppermint Magazine 
And to finish here are a couple of my own outfits from this month...
First up we have the Unisex Shirt, the Boatneck Top and the Worker Trousers...
...and secondly we have the French Smock and DaphneTrousers perfect for the changing seasons!