Menswear Month: The Round Up

It’s the end of March and it’s also the end of Menswear Month. It’s been a very busy month in the studio with myself and my assistant, Emily, doing lots of sewing, photography, finalising patterns and editing video clips.
The result is a complete menswear look that I’m very happy with. The vast majority of our audience is female and non-binary and I know a lot of makers enjoy making pieces for their family members, or perhaps just prefer a more masculine cut. However it’s been so nice to see more male names on the orders and I’m really happy to see that start to increase.
In this weekends newsletter I thought I’d share a visual round-up of the month. This includes a reflection on the menswear capsule and also the fly photo guides.
I’ve also added a note at the bottom about the update I’ve done to the Women’s Worker Trouser fitting guide.
In the UK it’s an extra long weekend for Easter and so I plan to be doing some country walks, roasting a leg of lamb and chilling out after a hectic first quarter.
Happy Easter!
Step-by-Step Fly Guides
I wanted to share a bit more about the new step-by-step fly guides we created. These are part of the recent launch but they're for anyone who wants help creating a beautiful finish on their trouser flys.
I know that the trouser fly is the trickiest part of our trouser construction. I'm a firm believer in not cutting corners and making sure each part of the garment is as beautifully constructed as possible. I wanted to take some of the headache out of the making process and show the steps very clearly with a detailed photo guide.
You'll find the link to the photo guides below along with a brief example of the photography. I find the construction process a beautiful thing in itself.
The links to the photo guides are also in the updated PDF instructions.
Button Fly Guide
Zip Fly Guide
The Workshop
While the photo guide fills in a gap between the written instructions and the workshop, if you're looking for micro-detail explanation and guidance the online workshop is still the best option.
The workshop isn't just for making a pair of trousers, it's for instilling an approach to sewing that's grounded in solid skills and understanding. It shows you each step, how to handle your tools for efficiency and explains the 'why' behind what you're doing.
I made sure that the men's version follows the exact same construction process so it can be used with the online workshop.
Women's Fit Notes 
And lastly, I've updated the sizing page on the women's Worker Trouser pattern to give guidance on choosing a size with enough ease around the hips. I've pasted the update below but you'll also be able to re-download the new instructions from within your account.
(If you went through checkout as a guest simply create an account using the same email address and your orders will automatically link to your account).
The only other change I made to this pattern update is to add a QR code to link to the fly guides on the relevant pages.