March Inspiration Board

@butcherssewshop | Darcy Coat
Makes from the month of March! This months board has no less than FOUR Darcy Coats! That's a good haul for one month as it's up there with the most involved patterns to make.
Please keep tagging me in your posts - in the actual photo and not just the comments! It means I can find your posts and keep making this board.
And on that note, enjoy a scroll of these lovely makes!
@linen_and_pearls | Worker Trousers
@lindagosew_ | Classic Shirt
@nadia_and_her_sewing | Frida Shirt
@dottoressa_lampone | Darcy Coat
@icklemma_sewing | Spring Trousers
@abi_norman | Over Shirt
@atelierelsewhere | Worker Trousers
@lindagosew_ | Over Shirt
@sewquietly | Jaime Jacket
@sewjuli | Classic Shirt
@the_german_edge | Darcy Coat
@thelabfarm | Frida Shirt
@trishington | Darcy Coat
@sunshine_dust__ | Worker Trousers
One of my favourite looks from this month was the Unisex Shirt and Worker Trouser combo. I love the punchy red stripes with the subtle pink, it feels fresh and spring-like!