Maker Spotlight: The Social Fabric

The weekend long read.
It's been a while since I did a 'Maker Spotlight' newsletter. Previous examples include Emelie's Capsule Wardrobe and The Perfect Two-Piece. I'd like to make this a more regular feature as it's so interesting to look at the garments people have made, especially when they've used quite a few different patterns.
To kick things off I thought there was no better place to start than with Nisan of The Social Fabric. I remember being in touch with Nisan before I had launched the very first patterns. She quite quickly made a pair of Worker Trousers and since then has made lots more garments with some lovely variations. 
She's added her own twist to almost every make and she's inspired at least two of my own projects with her creative hack ideas. I hope you enjoy browsing her amazing sewing projects and you'll also get to read a bit about what she thought of each pattern.
I'll be keeping an eye out for more makers who have dabbled in a handful of patterns. Keep tagging me in your posts on instagram (in the pictures, not just the comments) and I'll be in touch with a few of you!
You can find Nisan on Instagram at
Worker Trousers
"My Worker Trousers have been truly hard-workers in my wardrobe! My most worn pair is my black denim version, which I wore and abused to much that their zipper finally gave in on me :’) They are first on my to-repair list!
I also love the off-white, pleated version I made, they have a really cool, voluminous and cropped shape that is very easy to wear. My brown denim one is another favourite, as it’s once more the perfect midpoint between classic and modern."
Classic Shirt
"I’ve made four Classic Shirts following the pattern as it comes out of the package, and I used the pattern as the base for even more mashup shirt patterns.
My classic shirts form the very core of my wardrobe, they are the perfect balance of classic & easy to wear, and modern and cool. Whenever I come across a really special shirting fabric, The Classic Shirt is one of the first patterns I turn to, because I just know it’ll come out amazing and stay in my wardrobe for years.
I particularly love the creamy beige cotton, Zegna green-red shifty linen, and the black and white block printed cotton ones I’ve made. I absolutely love how much potential this pattern holds, I can get such different results by tweaking small little details like the sleeve length, hem line, adding / removing pockets, or playing with the collar.
The armscyes and shoulders are perhaps my favourite parts, as I usually have a hard time fitting them on my body and this pattern fits me perfectly with the most minor of adjustments (grading from a smaller size neckline to a larger size rest of the pattern to fit my shoulders / high bust area)."
Jesse Jumpsuit
"Oh, the Jesse Jumpsuit. I fell in love with this pattern the moment I saw the first toiles of it on Hetty, and patiently waited for it to be released for months! I had been waiting for the perfect workwear inspired jumpsuit pattern to come along for years, and the Jesse fits the bill perfectly.
I’ve made mine out of a beautiful forest green wool blend suiting, and I love how easily I can transition is from a super casual outfit to a more work appropriate, put together one. I’m currently planning to make another one, perhaps out of a nice heavyweight linen? We’ll see!"