@celia_a_s | Worker Trousers
Welcome to my favourite inspiration board of recent times...
It's festival season! Or at least here in the UK it's starting to gear up for a summer of music and dancing outside following from a long jubilee weekend.
As I was collecting images for this week I thought wow, so much COLOUR is around this week. I think colour brings a lot of joy and it's very apparent in this email. 
You might have noticed more colour as a trend in shops and on instagram. After a tough couple of years everyone is looking for a bit more joy and freedom and dressing in colours is the perfect way to reflect that. I genuinely find that a colourful outfit will boost my mood.
So if you're thinking of sewing something in the coming weeks, how about a bright pink or orange instead of the beige or navy? Just an idea...
@handverkshverdag | Over Shirt
@handverkshverdag | Over Shirt
@rosie_diycouture | Worker Trousers
@rosie_diycouture | Worker Trousers
@sari.sew | Over Shirt
Here I am with a beer in hand at a street party in Clapton, London. I'm wearing my yellow Daphne Trousers and a Unisex Shirt (the hack details for this piece will be in a long read email this weekend!)
As I continue to recover from a long weekend of dancing, putting this email has perked me up considerably. I hope it has sparked as much joy for you as it has for me!