Emelie's Capsule Wardrobe

@knitxxor | Classic Shirt
This week is a special one that I'm pretty excited about. As I was scrolling through instagram looking at our tagged posts I spotted one of Emelie's lovely makes. And then I spotted another... and another... and another!
Based in Stockholm, Emelie is working towards making her own capsule wardrobe. Out of our range she has thus far made the Classic Shirt, Frida Shirt, Over Shirt and Unisex Shirt along with many other makes by other designers.
I love the fabrics she's chosen and you can see that each piece has been made to a really high standard. It's so inspiring to see such a productive maker and I thought you would all really appreciate her talent too.
If there's anyone who is working towards making a full capsule for themselves then let this be a little nugget of inspiration!
As ever, if you have any questions at all just hit reply to this email.
Have a lovely week wherever you are,
@knitxxor | Frida Shirt
@knitxxor | Frida Shirt
@knitxxor | Unisex Shirt
@knitxxor | Over Shirt
@knitxxor | Over Shirt
This is one of my own makes - the Worker Trousers in a tough cotton twill. This is one of my first samples which have a different shaped pocket, but other than that they have no modifications.
The only other thing I would say is they are rather tight on me - they might have been through one hot wash too many - and so the shape looks more fitted than you'd usually find with this style. I've seen lots of people have tapered the hips and outside legs on their makes to achieve a fit like this which is a small and easy change to make.