Workshop Notes - Daphne Trousers

What you'll learn:

The key to long lasting garments is a high quality of make and this workshop will provide plenty of tips that you can take forward in your sewing journey. This workshop will take intermediate sewers through the process of a tricky and detailed zip fly construction complete with decorative binding. You will also learn how to sew waistband, patch pockets and overlocked flat seam with topstitching. These skills will be transferable to any garment you sew, in particular all future pairs of trousers. 


  1. Back Darts
  2. Patch Pockets
  3. Closing the Side Seam
  4. Closing the Inside Leg
  5. Preparing the Fly Pieces
  6. Sewing the Zip Fly - Part 1
  7. Sewing the Zip Fly - Part 2
  8. Closing the Crotch
  9. Finishing the Fly
  10. The Waistband
  11. Hem/Ankle Cuff
  12. Button & Button Hole