How to add a trouser pleat

Greetings friend!

I'm back from a short holiday hiatus and ready to pick things up again with our weekly inspiration board.

I thought I'd make this first board of the month about something very specific - 'How to add pleats to your Worker Trousers'.

After seeing Nisan's beautiful pleat hack (below) I decided that a pleated pair of trousers should move straight to the top of my making list.

It's such a great aleration to this cut and it's very straightforward to do. Scroll down for more inspo pics and steps on how to do it yourself.



How to add a front pleat to your Worker Trousers

Trace your front trouser leg
Draw a line parallel to your grain about 1cm from the front pocket and cut it open stopping at the hem
Stick one side of the leg on to a large sheet of paper
Swivel the loose side of the leg away from the from the top of the stuck down side by about 6cm (or wider or narrower if you prefer)
Stick the other side down and redraw your grain line in the middle of the pleat
Pin your pleat together when cutting the paper pattern out
Stitch the pleat down by about 5cm from inside the leg - add optional topstitching for extra detail!
Click here to watch the short video